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Tax Preparation Services-FAQs

We aim to provide a professional working relationship with you.  It is important that you understand our process to complete your job.  Here are some common questions that you may ask:

Can You give me a quote for the job over the telephone?

It is impossible to provide a quote over the telephone. Much like a mechanic, we need to see what is under the bonnet, before we can provide an accurate quote for our services. Max Accountant’s pricing is based on the complexity of your job.  The longer it takes, the more costly it is.  It is important that you provide your information in a presentable format so we can complete it in the most cost effective way.  In order to get an accurate quote, kindly contact our office to arrange a meeting so we can review your documentation.

But I have my information in MYOB/Quickbooks/Xero, why are the fees higher than last year?

Basically garbage in, garbage out.  If the accounts are messy, it takes much longer to fix the accounts. If you have the accounts and they are not regularly reviewed and reconciled, then it is time-consuming to complete the work.  We often use a junior staff member to process your work, at a lower charge rate, to save you money.  We also have systems to reduce the time on the job.  Please contact our office, if you wish to discuss this.

How long does it take to complete the job?

As general guide, we aim to complete and lodge your returns within 1 to 2 weeks.  For more complex work such as statutory accounts and audits, the work can take up to 2 to 3 months.  Missing information will also delay the job.  Additionally, if it is during the Tax Season (ie July to October), the jobs can take a bit longer than normal as everyone wants their work done at that same time.  Once we receive your work, it will be scheduled into our system and we will advise the likely turnaround time.

Who reviews the work?

If the work is undertaken at our office, the returns are reviewed by the qualified staff.  All our team have university degrees and are studying for their CPA/Chartered Accountancy qualifications.  They undergo 50 hours per annum of Continuous Professional Education.  We ensure that the person who does the work is not the same person that reviews the work.  It is to enable you to get the maximum tax refund and to eliminate any mistakes.  Any complex work is personally reviewed by our director, who provides guidance and supervision of the job.  Further we guarantee our work.  Kindly call our office or go to our website, if you require a copy of our guarantee statement.

Why is my tax refund less than last year?

As with most things in life, nothing stays the same.  You may have changed jobs, earned more income, claimed fewer deductions, moved overseas or sold an investment property.  Furthermore, the constant changes to the tax system, particularly tax rates, rebates and superannuation, could impact your tax position.  It is important that you understand that you may not be comparing “apples with apples” since any of the above may impact your refund.

What do I need to bring for the meeting?

To prepare for the meeting, we have checklists that you can download directly from our website, at Max Accountants. Otherwise you can contact our office to confirm what is required.

What can I claim?

Depending on your occupation, trade or structure, there are various items that can be claimed.  In particular, the ATO does provide guidelines for specific occupations.  Additionally we have internal checklists for each taxpayer, e.g. rental property investments, etc and keep up to date to the legislative changes.

Very often the best tax advice is given BEFORE you commence the strategy. Very often it is MORE EXPENSIVE to fix the transaction once it is implemented. Accordingly, we encourage you to contact us BEFORE the end of the financial year, so we can undertake some tax planning and advise what you need to do to minimise your taxes. This is the most powerful tool that most taxpayers do not utilise. Once the financial year is over, it is very difficult to make any more deductions.

How does fee from refund (FFR) work?

We offer Fee from Refund (FFR) service to all clients, conditions do apply.  However as you appreciate, if you have a tax or Centrelink debt, we will be unable to offer this service to you.  Also there is a processing charge fee for FFR.  Kindly speak to our staff if you would like to utilise this service.

Do you complete the return “on the spot"?

During the busy Tax Season, we have a tax stall, located at the Helensvale Plaza Shopping Centre, that offers “on the spot” processing.  Please be advised that this is a basic service.  Since the returns are prepared “on the spot”, the staff member may not have time to thoroughly review your tax return.  If you want a more comprehensive service, we suggest that you book an appointment at our office instead.

What other service do you provide?

At Max Accountants, we also provide the following:

  • property investment structuring and asset protection;
  • business acquisition and development;
  • franchising;
  • self-managed superannuation strategies;
  • research and development concessions; and
  • real estate trust audits;
  • Small business bookkeeping.

Call Max Accountants today on 07 5580 4455 and talk to the Gold Coast's Business Tax Experts for Tax Preparation and Advisory services for the Gold Coast, servicing Helensvale, Coomera, Pacific Pines and Pimpama.


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